Reshiram Zekrom

i go by n . im 18 im a he/him . .i like Boys and have weird interests. i have Partners i am taken. my favorite color is Blue. i write fanfics a lot i think, thats new. i also like Pokemon(TM) Black And White Versions,

i LOOOVE TOOONNES of fucked up tropes like uhh yandere cults rape incest Fucked Up Kinks etc etc. i dont like associating myself with discourse at all esp not on this blog just if u dont suibait or threaten or tell ppl 2 go 2 therapy n stuff over what they like in fiction ur cool we should hang out

exclus policy (i hate them 💖 bi pan lesbians all mogai plurals kin 4 fun on and on all of u r epic and also im same hat)

im never posting my kinlist just know i do not percieve myself normally doubles murder my brain (usually but if i interact with u its fine) and my brain dumpy is fat with illness and trauma 💖 if i say smth that sounds worrying do not be alarmed ! i am functioning regularly i just said too much ^u^ .

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