Reshiram Zekrom

on this blog i post little thoughts and hcs and aus n stuff n rb sometimes stuff i rly like :3 sometimes ill also post isshu art or fics i like as well

hilbert/touya/black and ns ages are irrelevant 2 me most of the time unless its established for the sake of an au or hcs like them being the same age in one school au and student / teacher in another . tho i am biased toward a larger age gap becus i like that

i portray them slightly differently depending on what story i want 2 tell and i dont rly have any inflexible biases abt their relationship tho i lean a bit more toward n bottoming

i mainly write spur of the moment so if i mention wanting 2 write smth and i dont get to it 4 weeks that is what happened (there has not been a moment 4 that fic yet)

ntouya kiss